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Data rooms for businessmen that boast all necessary communication tools for smooth remote work

The impact of technology is being felt by workers around the world – from 5G networks to the power of unified communications, next-generation technologies are advancing at breakneck speed to be accessible to workers of all ages, locations, and skill levels. Many employees have actively worked outside the traditional office on a daily basis for years using the data room solutions.

Boost All Necessary Communication Tools for Smooth Remote Work

Social distancing has entered our lives quite firmly, which was facilitated by the recent coronavirus pandemic. And many people faced the question: of how to work, and how to conduct business in an environment of strict quarantine, the conditions of which restrict a significant part of various activities. One way out in this situation is to switch to remote work. Thanks to the cloud and other digital technologies, it is possible to stay at home and work just as efficiently, and in some cases even with benefits, then in the office. Such technologies, of course, include data rooms for businessmen.

Not having a physical office means you have to be strategic about where you work and what appointments you have scheduled on your calendar. Everything needs to be thought through in advance – from Wi-Fi, access point, chargers, choosing a background for your video conference – all this should be thought out at least a day before you dive into remote work. Naturally, in the case of remote work, it is necessary to create (or maintain) a single communication space, the ability to hold meetings and conferences, work with common documents, and provide employees with access to internal information systems and computing resources of the enterprise.

Which Are the Top Data Rooms for Businessmen?

1. DocSend.

DocSend can fully reflect the technological content of the management process and the structure of data processing procedures; therefore, it is a reliable source for quantitative assessment of the scope of work on document preparation.

2. Firmex.

Firmex is highly rated on various review platforms such as G2, Capterra, etc. What makes Firmex unique is its intuitiveness, transparent pricing, quick setup, and ease of use. It is important to consider that Firmex solutions will not be able to help when it comes to taking pictures with a phone – when, for example, an intruder simply uses his personal smartphone to compromise a confidential document.

3. Merrill.

Merrill Virtual Data Rooms provide all the VDR features you need, including Q&A, bulk upload, drag and drop functionality, branded website, etc. With Merrill, you can upload compressed files up to 50 GB in size.

4. ShareFile.

ShareFile data room is the backbone and core of the document management system. However, it should be noted that this is not just a kind of database that stores data on a permanent or temporary basis and is used to prepare analytical materials, but an information system with specific properties. This is the most critical part of the management decision-making process with communication tools – and this once again indicates that it is aimed at a general overview of the state of the company.

5. Ansarada.

Ansarada is a domain-specific system: the data is organized into an object model corresponding to the subject area of a particular company. At the same time, the client software will control the deletion of documents on the users’ side and block the download of files placed in the repository.